Saturday, June 6, 2015

It has been so long I have to go back to look at notes to remember where we have been and what we did.
From New Mexico we went to Tucson, Az where we spent a couple of days visiting with Bill Maxwell and Eileen, the couple from the boat Blue Max.  We really enjoyed the visit with them.  Before we left Tucson we were able to have breakfast with John and Carolyn Ruland.  John was the man who hired me to work for Bay State Milling.  He was the best boss I ever had.  We did not know they were living in Tucson until we met a couple in a RV park in Texas.  They are neighbors of the Rulands.
From Tucson we moved up to Mesa, Az were we visited with friends who were neighbors during the the year we spent in Tempe.  We also toured around Tempe and got to see the now defunct mill where I worked during that year.  We also got to have dinner with my nephew and his wife and two sons.  We had never met his wife or sons.
From there we went on north to the Sedona, Az area where we were able to visit some of the places we enjoyed while we lived in Tempe.  As with Tempe, there has been a lot of change in the past 30+ years.
Our next stop was Williams, Az where we boarded the Grand Canyon Railway for a two hour train ride to the South Rim of the Canyon.  This only allowed for a brief visit so we drove back the the Canyon the next day for a more relaxed visit.
Next stop was Knab, Ut.  From here we have visited the North Rim of the Canyon which offers quite different views of the Canyon.  The next day we spent the day in Zion NP.  Again, beautiful in its own way.  Still a lot of rock formations but this time viewed from the bottom of the canyon so very different from looking into the Grand Canyon.   Yesterday we spent the day at Bryce Canyon NP.  This is more eroded rocks but again quite different and amazing because the rocks make all kinds of vertical formations.
We have gotten to see many different forms of wildlife, from chipmunks to elk, deer,  antelope, prairie dogs, and big horned sheep.  This is a vast area of  high dessert which changes frequently and is always amazingly beautiful.
Yesterday afternoon we got rain, hail, and snow in Bryce Canyon.  Today the thunder storms continue to move through Knab.  We are laying over a day to relax and catch-up a little.
We have taken many photos but I have been having trouble posting them so that may have to wait some more.

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