Sunday, September 23, 2012

It has been too long since Sunshine's last post.  We went to Okracoke after we got back in the water when we were hauled out to re-do the bottom.  Since then Sunshine has not traveled much.  We weathered Hurricane Irene a year ago and then hauled out December for a five year condition survey to satisfy the insurance carrier.  We re-did the bottom paint but left Sunshine out on the hard.  It April we drove down to the Everglades for work weekend at the Outward Bound Base there.  On the way south we stopped in Tampa to look at motor homes and ended up buying one.  Our purpose in buying the motor home is to tour the great national  parks in the western states.  I soon found that I could not be comfortable leaving Sunshine unused and unattended while traveling in the motor home.  So, we have sold Sunshine.  She now lives in Georgetown, SC.  We are looking at the spring on 2013 to begin our travels out west.  In the mean time we are taking short trips in the motor  home and learning to be comfortable with it.  It is quite different from traveling by boat.  While the people we meet at RV parks are nice and friendly, the feel is not the same as boat people. We are already talking about what our next boat will be after we finish touring by land.
The first picture is the new motor home.  The second picture is the two together  just before we relaunched Sunshine for the new owner.  It was a sad day when we let Sunshine go.  We have many great memories of days spent on Sunshine and of the great friends we made along the way.