Thursday, May 7, 2015

We finally got under way in "Sunshine 2",  our wheeled version of Sunshine,  on Wednesday, 4/29/15 It was about 2:20pm before we got away. We were determined to break away that day.  We only drove about two hours to an RV park near Greenville, SC.  The second day we met a couple from Hickory at a rest area in Georgia.  They were on their way to Gulf State Park near Gulf Shores, AL. We discussed our options and decided to stop at Montgomery and then Gulf State Park also.
The owner of the RV park and his son described places of interest in downtown Montgomery so we set-up quickly and headed into town.  We found Montgomery to be delightful.  It is clean and attractive downtown and along the waterfront on the Alabama River.
We spent two nights at Gulf State Park and enjoyed its mile of pristine beach, its pool, and great facilities.
On Sunday, May 3, we drove to Laurel, MS where we lived for several years and had a great visit with two couples we used to spend a lot of time with.  We did not get away  from Laurel until about two pm so we only got to Picayune, MS that night.  On Tuesday we drove through New Orleans to Houma, LA.  We set up and then went into town to wander around.  We were a little disappointed at first but after we found the visitor center and got advice form a young lady who was a native of the area we did mcuh better.  We got an excellent cajun dinner and then drove down bayou and back up. We enjoyed the ride along the bayou with all its boats.
The next morning we followed a scenic route along the Teche Breaux Bridge, LA.  We stopped for lunch at Brenda's Diner in New Ibera.  Muriel had found it mentioned in a book,  "Road Food", which Jeff and Anne had given us.  We had a great lunch and a great time.  Muriel declared that this will be one of the highlights of this trip.
We are laying over in Breaux Bridge today while Charlie and Evelyn catch up and Muriel can do laundry. The first picture is Brenda and her daughter.  I may only get the one picture this time.

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Jeff Lovett said...

Thanks for posting news of your travels. Really happy to hear the "Road Food" book is getting some use. Please let us know if you dine at other embellishments from the book.

Have the Weathermans caught up yet?

Don't mess with Texas! But have some fun in the Lone Star State.

Jeff & Anne